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Salmon Beach N. at 51st

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I purchased my Salmon Beach home in Tacoma, WA in 2004. As a licensed Washington State real estate broker, I am familiar with many aspects of real estate and construction.

To my knowledge, no seller except me (MLS #275384), has fully disclosed the life threatening dangers that exist at Salmon Beach, and as a result, I am compelled to publish this Public Safety Announcement to protect unsuspecting potential buyers.

When I purchased my home, the seller failed to disclose in the MLS Form 17 (Property Disclosure Statement), in violation of Washington State law, that there had been numerous occasions of significant land movement at the site, causing much damage, including the total destruction of at least two cabins which were pushed off their piling foundations and into the Tacoma Narrows where they were found underwater several days later near the Tahlequah ferry dock. Fortunately, no one died, but the homes and their contents were lost.

It was not until the day after the escrow closed on my home purchase that a neighbor stopped by and informed me of the devastation that had occurred and was expected to continue to occur at Salmon Beach. Had I been aware of this before the transaction closed, I would not have purchased the property.

The Salmon Beach Board of Directors refuses to address landslide issues despite their own geo technical expert's recommendations which detail steps to mitigate the frequency and severity of slide damages and threat to life.

Quite to the contrary, stair and boardwalk repairs were made by a contractor who resides at Salmon Beach (the husband of a Director of the Association). These repairs were performed without permits and in direct conflict with Salmon Beach geo technical recommendations, thereby exacerbating the dangers to life and property.

I have made available the 'real' Form 17 which I prepared when listing my property, so potential buyers may be fully informed prior to deciding to purchase property at Salmon Beach, Tacoma, WA.

Contact me via this Craigslist posting for more information, the property disclosure statement, additional photos and exhibits.



I saw your ad on CL. I was wondering a where the landslide occurred and would like more information and pictures if you could send it to me. I heard that they had done some work to prevent this kind of thing. I don't know who to believe anymore I just don't want to buy something that might be destroyed.

It's nice down there but not that nice. Seems like your agent should have obtained the correct forms before closing. Have considered suing them? That's bullshit.

Thanks XXXXXX in Tacoma


1. 'I was wondering where the landslide occurred'


Landslides have occurred along virtually the entire length of North and South Salmon Beach.

2. 'I heard that they had done some work to prevent this kind of thing.'


I am not aware of any work performed to prevent slides, only to mitigate damage already caused by slides, and even this work was not done to professional recommendations or standards.

3. 'I just don't want to buy something that might be destroyed'


Many experts believe a serious seismic event is overdue in the Puget Sound region and Salmon Beach could suffer not only catastrophic landslides, but huge tsunami waves as well.

If you are alone in this, then weigh the downside and make your decision, but if you have a family, remember this isn't just a financial decision, but one of life and limb.

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Thank you for your info on salmon beach. it sounds like a unsafe area, is the whole beach unsafe or just part of it? is your cabin liveable and safe and what are you asking?


In my opinion, North Beach, South Beach, the Stairways and Path are all dangerous and should be avoided by those who want to continue living.

My former home, Cabin #19, is (as can be seen in the Form 17 photos, links available on request) a dangerous situation. It may be for sale by a realtor, but (if so) I do not know the price. I think even $1 would be too much (no joke).

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Thank you; thinking about purchasing a home on salmon beach. Couple questions: Is the north it south end more at risk of a slide? When was the last slide?


While we do not know when the last slide occurred or when the next one will be, both North and South beaches suffer numerous, serious slides.

If you are entertaining making a Salmon Beach purchase, there are other issues you may want to consider.

The South has no garaged parking, so it's an every man for himself scramble to get a space and there are lots of nighttime vehicle break-ins and vandalism.

While some North cabins have garages, like the south, there are no assigned parking spaces or oversight. Unless you get home by early afternoon, the parking spaces are all taken by residents, guests and the uninvited who easily bypass the gate entry system.

Even if you have a garage, there's no guarantee you'll be able to use it, as it's not unusual to find that someone has parked in front of your garage door.

Both vehicles and garages get broken into with regularity in the North too, and much of the damage appears to occur just for the fun of it, as there's a lot of late night partying and things can get pretty rowdy.

Garage break-ins are frequent and usually occur by someone backing their vehicle right through your garage door. This not only damages your vehicle, but does a lot of damage to the garage too.

Follow Up from Person Inquiring:

Thank you for your informative and responsible posting. I think the area is enchanting but maybe too enchanting if safety issues are undisclosed.
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