Bonded pair adult sphynx (Spanaway)

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It is with a very heavy heart I must rehome my 2 sphynx. They are very bonded. Male and female. Utd on shots. Both have been spayed and neutered. Female is 3 and male is 4. They love to be cuddled up with their people. They are super sweet loving cats. Both healthy and have established vet care with vca regular vet in Spanaway. Female does have nystagmus, but it does not affect her vision at all. She walks, runs, jumps, and plays perfectly! And is literally the sweetest cat you could ever meet. She even plays fetch. She loves for me to bat her favorite toy across the floor and she runs to get it and brings it back to me. It's the cutest thing. Her name is story, and she knows her name very well and will come when you call her. Blue is the boy and he's the biggest talker, he also knows his name and comes when called. His favorite play time is to chase a laser pointer. Because they are sphynx they do need regular bathing and ear cleaning. Also a high protein diet. Please know about this particular breed and the care they require before contacting. Thanks.😊 rehome fee 500 for both cats together. I would like to keep them together. Please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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