Silkie Chicks - $6 (Stanwood)

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Silkie chicks both standard and satin mixed, straight run.

I do not incubate! I let Hens get to be the hen mamas they want to be.

One clutch Hatched June 12. Total of 8. First photo.

One clutch of 9 hatched June 10 . 2nd-3rd photo.

Two clutches born June 6 - 8. A total of 8 chicks. The moms are side by side and have been coparenting. They are last two photos 4 each.

Chicks are sold two minimum from same clutch at rate of $6 each.
I will reduce price depending on how many you get.

We do breed thoughtfully, we are not large scale. We started doing this a five years ago when my little girl and I were in a local farm supply store and discovered the Silkie chicks. They were on their deathbed and we couldn’t leave them there.
Silkies are extremely fragile their first week, and after what I saw then and have learned since, believe strongly they should not be incubated! Rather they should be allowed to hatch naturally with A Mom who cares for them at the minimum for one week.

So that is how we do things. Several of our Silkies are actually store bought Silkies that we felt we rescued. The rest are ours we kept from first hatches and roosters we have since rehomed and brought in all new bloodline Roosters to ensure no accidental cross breeding. Again, I strongly believe silkies should stay with a hen their first week and not be given to a feed supply store just after hatching!

The other photos are of my birds, not all. The chicks will be full of colors as they are not separated by color rather allowed to roam together. I have six roosters and thirty hens. The roosters are all from different blood lines. The hens are from several as well but none from same as Roosters.

I recently bought 16 “straight run” from different breeder and have discovered they must have been sexed despite the risk to their life and health doing so when they first hatch, as all of them have turned out to be roosters. There is zero likelihood that out of 16 straight run not sexed that they would turn out all roosters! My birds on average raise 8 chicks at a time. 6 out of 8 regularly are hens. I know it’s not proven, but I do make effort to only let them sit on round top not point top. So far it seems to make some difference!
These roosters are now 10 weeks old and I need them gone. I bought them at $7 a piece. I am asking $5 each or if want more than one or all…I am flexible to discuss price. Just trying to not lose every penny I spent buying and raising them this long. There are 12 solid black, 2 dark grey/black, and 4 pure white.

I have other posts soon to go up for one clutch of all Easter Egger cross Silkie hatched June 4th.
I will also be posting several older hens and roosters.

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