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USA Pacific Northwest News Trending "Pacific Northwest Forest Revolution" #Revolution USA 1999 - trending on social media #tv Stop the War on Nature Washington State Government - Official Site Oregon State Government Official Site Northwest News We the People USA #protest " Wake Up Stand Up and Fight Back" Stop the US Timber - Chemical Industry Poisoning of the Pacific Northwest Residents and Environment.HELP! Bring Corrupt Pacific Northwest Politicians,Public Officials and Logging - Chemical - CEOs to Justice for for Crimes Against Humanity and Nature Northwest News Trending #2017 "A BITTER FOG" herbicides and human rights (State of Oregon) Northwest News 2015 - 2016 Time to End Corporate-State wanton Expoitation and Biological Diversity Extinction of Pacific Northwest Forest Ecosytems" Pacific Northwest Timber - Chemical Industry Real-Life Dystopian Nightmare "Washington State Forests Logging 'Clear Cutting' - Chemical Spraying Multinational Corporations Creating Man-Made Ecological Apocalypse (End Times)" In the 21st Century Forests Are NOT Tree Farms "The Legacy of Logging (Clearcutting) the Pacific Northwest's Last Forests is Over" Industrial Logging leaves a violent legacy against Nature and has created Mass Suffering,Sickness,Death and Extinction of Natural World,Wildlife Habitat,Wild Bees,Native Wild Flowers,Logging Causing Water Pollution of Streams,River and Lakes Environmental Degradation (Logging Roads),Pacific Northwest Salmon critically endangered,Native Fish,Cutthroat Trout,Salamanders,Newts,Frogs,Birds,Butterflies ect. Clearcut Spray Chemicals (Biocides) Polluting State's Drinking Water and Causing Sickness,Miscarriages,Birth Defects,Cancer and Death among State's Rural Residents.Why should this be allowed to continue,so some corporate "Timber Barons" can destroy everyone's Environment for their own Wealth? Pacific Northwest State-sponsored Environmental Crimes "Logging Companies CEOs need to face Justice for their Crimes Against Humanity and the Earth" Most logging in the Pacific Northwest involves Clearcutting and export of raw logs to china,thus destroying rural communities abilities to create sustainable economies and jobs... "The Pacific Northwest Dark History of Modern Industrial Logging of America's Forests" Pacific Northwest Logging Spray (Short Films) "Drift" Documentary Film,'New' Whistleblower video shows Helicopter spraying workers For over 30 Years Logging Helicopters have dumped Tons of Toxic Chemical Poisons on Pacific Northwest Schools,Residents,Tourists,Campgrounds,Hiking Trails,Ponds,Streams,Rivers,Lakes and into the Drinking Water Supply ect. - Internationally Banned Chemical weapon 'Agent Orange' used by Northwest Timber Industry Ban Helicopter Aviation Spraying of Toxic Logging Chemicals : End Decades of poisonings of Pacific Northwest Residents 'Downwinders' Pacific Northwest Weather Forest Travel 'Rain Coat' "Intro To Apocalypse Now" Mechanical-Poison of the machine men wars against the Holy One.Raining death from the Grey Sky onto the garden of Earth (soft voice)... 'making the children go insane' "Logging Company Sickens A Community" "Oregon Home of the Clearcut" Pacific Northwest Logging Clear-cutting Ancient Forests in Oregon Causes Drought and Warmer Air "Snowpack 90% Below Normal" 'Apocalyptic Drought' Forest Clearcutting causes Warmer Climate The Fall of the Dark Regime : "salem the capitol of oregon" Oregon's blatantly Corrupt, Vile 'backwater' State Capitol of (Republican and Democrat) Politicians aka "The Dark Regime" side with the Biocide - Chemical and Logging Companies as they #FAIL to Protect Americans Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.Oregon Politicians / Public Officials are Guilty of Environmental Crimes.Oregon Politicians / Officials use violence,intimidation and threats against anyone who challenges the 'Timber - Chemical Industry'.Public and private agencies including State's Agricultural Agency and Medical Board cover-up data of Logging Chemicals that have caused decades of human birth defects,low birth weight,genetic mutations,retardation,neurological (brain) disorders,miscarriages,stillborns,infertility,heart attacks and disease,respiratory illness,thyroid irregularities,depression,tumors,cancer and death ect. Is this the USA? Is this Oregon? Oregon Logging Chemical Spraying of Residents is also in Violation of International Human Rights Laws which prohibit chemical weapons from being used against civilian populations."State of Oregon : A Real-life Third World Despot hidden inside the USA" The Oregon Constitution gives citizens the Right to Abolish it's current 'Dark Regime' illegal and unconstitutional occupation of State Government...Time For a Second American Revolution in Oregon to remove it's current "Dark Regime" from power! "Dark Regime Control By Violence" Murder and and attempted murder has been used to silence Pacific Northwest Environmental Activists...If you won't stand up for living then stand and fight for the dead. Pacific Northwest Logging Corporations Toxic Pesticide Discovered in rural Northwest Residents Urine "Poisoning the Well" Atrazine is one of Thousands of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (biocides) found in all Water Basins of the Pacific Northwest Pacific Northwest Outdoor Recreation Hiking Camping Fishing Public Warning of Helicopter (Aerial) Spraying of Forests and Deadly Pesticide / Herbicide Chemicals Tainted Streams,Lakes and Rivers including Drinking Water Supply (food / drink products) Protecting What's Left of the Decimated by Logging Companies Pacific Northwest Old-Growth Forests : As the current National Government seems to allow Corporations to poison and destroy our Environment, it is up to the American People with the help of Environmental Organizations to file Civil and Criminal Lawsuits against Logging Company CEOs / Chemical Corporation CEOs and Individual Politicians / State Officials.If you have been poisoned by a Logging Chemicals,first seek medical attention then file a report with law enforcement demanding they arrest and prosecute those responsible.Everyone needs to File Civil Lawsuits against Northwest Politicians / Officials for illnesses linked to Ariel Spraying.Demand all 'Dark Regime' Politicians resign from Public Office.Start recall petitions for State officials who ignore US Law and allow Logging Companies Biocide (poison) to be used on Americans and Nature. US Logging Companies spray banned carinogenic cancer-causing neurotoxin biocide - chemical weapons on American Citizens : Timber Industry Poisoning the Populace Oregon Ignored Residents Complaints : Timber Company Protected While Oregonians Suffer Herbicide Exposure "Living in rural Oregon is like living in a War Zone of a Third World Country run by Psychopathic, Tyrannical,Corrupt Politicians,Incompentent State Officials,Vile Logging and Chemical CEO Dictators" Oregon keeps it population living in poverty on welfare,unemployed without sustainable living wage jobs,lack of education funds,suffering,physical and mental illness,drug abuse : alcoholism / meth addiction and death so that the 1% elite Timber-Chemical Company CEOs Profit while continuing to brainwash the public with 'logging culture propaganda'. Questions and Answers : "WTF! This can't be happening?" "I can't believe it or maybe I just don't want to believe it, we would be seeing tv news stories on CNN and stuff if this was real" "In Oregon you Say? there would be massive protests at that Salem Capitol building if Logging Companies did this"."I don't understand why have there not been any Class-Action Lawsuits for Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in damages filed against these Logging and Chemical Corporations for doing this? These people need to be paid for their lifelong suffering and illnesses" "Unbelievable! I just dont get it.How could the Logging Industry get away with making the Pacific Northwest Salmon nearly extinct and Pollute all the Water Basins in State with deadly Toxic Chemicals? Logging Clearcuts of our Forest Ecosystem results in Social poverty,sickness and death Northwest Logging and destruction of Nature allowed by a Social Ignorant Culture of Politicial Corruption,Lobbyists and Bribery at the expense of the Natural World "Corporatocracy" Pacific Northwest USA Unconstitutional unprogressive 'Backwater State Politics' controlled by Timber Barons (Logging Corporate CEOs) and Toxic Chemical Company CEOs Stop Clearcutting the Olympic Peninsula Rainforest,Old-Growth Forests and all Forests. 'Life As War' (Present) Post-Nature Tech Society Movie Series "Save the Pacific Northwest's Last Forests" Ban Clearcutting (Ecological-Genocide) The Era of Corporate Timberland (Forest) Destruction of our Environment must come to an End...Clearcutting Forests by Past Human Societies has caused Ecological Destruction and Drought.This is an act of human ignorance that historical - archaeological records have shown us is commited by Societies before they rapidly disappear into history (Societal - Ecological Collapse) Ban Clearcutting in the Pacific Northwest 'Rain Shadow' Forests or face warmer arid conditions (drought),wildlife / plant extinctions and Ecological Collapse' Pacific Northwest State's Logging Companies are blatantly violation the USA Clean Water Act : Please email the US Attorney General and Demand US Environmental Laws are Enforced and offenders prosecuted to law's full extent Save the World's Last Old Growth Forests Save the Olympic Peninsula Rainforest Timber Industry Clearcutting of Pacific Northwest Forests results in Landslides and Human Deaths Water Pollution Pacific Northwest once pristine waters now tainted with toxic chemicals due to logging industry helicopter spraying Old-Growth Forest Wild Bees dying off from habitat loss and a toxic soup of Industrial Chemical Pesticides poisoning pollen causing sickness and loss of immunity to disease US Chemical Industry causing Bee Mass Die-offs (Apocalypse) Herbicide Monarch Butterfly facing extinction.Nearly 1 Billion Monarch Butterfly deaths since 1990 caused by Herbicide / Pesticides,loss of Milkweed and logging What is a Tree? Pacific Northwest 2015 Silent Spring Breast Cancer (Women) Research and Information Pacific Northwest News 2015 Logging Helicopter Spraying Chemical Multinational Corporations US New Economy 2015 21st Century Sustainable Jobs "USA Grow Hemp and Put Americans Back To Work" Pacific Northwest Northwest Washington State Pulp (paper) #Hemp Hemp : The Miracle Plant Food, Milk and Healthy Oil : Helping to End World Hunger Medicine High-Tech Hemp Clothes Maker : Plant Plastic Hemp Plywood,Hempcrete,Paint,Carpet,Insulation ect. Translate English USA News 2016 Trending TV Pacific Northwest #us corporate media lies
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