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yet the state bar and state supreme court in Washington state can't save there liars this time all documents have been sent to federal offices in dc. and GOVERNOR jay Inslee .IGNORES CORRUPTION inside WASHINGTON STATE BAR READ GOLDBARREPORTER. the brady v Maryland and Illinois v. napue. 79. s ct. 1173. 1174. and the case number from federal air marshal service case 2204792 proofs they lied when he issued a haz-mat license to a felony after reading court record along with all evidence they have in dc enjoy federal prisons the feds don't like lying prosecutors and judges and the court record proof it . defendants motion to admit ER 608(a) character evidence against zr the feds have it all how you lied on record there was no evidence they have it . thus the state bar of washington state has charged of corruption against them and the do suppress evidence and protect prosecutors that commited perjury . but the federal goverment puts state prosecutors and judges and state bar workers in federal prison for breaking these "LAWS" and the feds have all documents filed with the state bar on case in tacoma #04-05119-5 in dc and homeland security a judge and prosecutor lied in open court and commited perjury on court record. where they said there was no evidence of credibilty . and motion to the court showed they suppressed thoses motion to the court and jury . the state bar can;t hide this one enjoy . federal prison "LAIRS"is the reason . brady .v Maryland 373 ..u.s. 83. (1963) and Giglio v. u.s. 450. 53. (1972). in front of the state BARR . NOW ? you can't hide this lie this time. the fed's have you now?and if its not true why has;nt the state addressed this posting .?because they know the judge and prosecutor lied on record and cant hide this fact?and two state employee have that last name that's on this case too.ask pam roach and Dan roach. why has a haz-mat and twic card been issues after reading this info to a convicted felonyjohn roach . ask the prosecutors office about that because they know they lied on court record they have commited perjury on record and the us justice department has it and tsa does too. the transscripts they have it. the state of Washington can't hide this truth and the prosecutor and judge both lied on criminal record and Washington dc has it all . ask the prosecutor how does a felony of child assault two has a haz-mat what did the feds find on record to allow this ?and a G.A.L. signed a affidavit under penalty of perjury. TSA has it in DC signed by bill Harrington the GAL. look at the motions suppressed on this. when the state governor can't answer how this happen than . how can you trust him??? he knows they lied??? the federal government knows you lied.???///??? and remember people back east are reading this too . and the world so you can't hide your lie this time ???thats rlght?and lose areo space work for lying on record . companys don't like lying state barrs and courts that lie ?the truth hurts doe'nt it ? and aerospace and defence companys are reading this too.tsa knows you lied?and jay Inslee irnoring the corrupting shows he's part of it too?they show that Washington state does not believe in the 14th and 6th amendment that the federal court goes by. they make there own law's. are they above the LAW?NO there not above the LAW" there court rules put each of them in prison for 10 years for lie on court the perjury rules read contra cabal 801-24-40 perjury and subornation council. that's the "LAW" they know they broke the "LAW"? GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS GOD FOR DONALD TRUMP.justice is back in America . arrest the corrupt wasington state barr and supreme court employees breaking the constitution of the united states of America and send all aerospace work back east. where it belongs. thus justice is coming soon? that;s right. enjoy prison. ??? GOD BLESS GOD FOR DONALD TRUMP THANK GOD.arrest the attorney general of Washington state and governor,s staff and state barr and there supreme court for perjury and destroying criminal records and covering it up .the federal justice has you .
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