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compensació: Get paid lifetime monthly residuals with no caps or restrictions plus weekly commissions
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Are you an experienced Merchant Services producer who wants to:

- Get paid lifetime monthly residuals with no caps or restrictions
- Get paid weekly commissions for activated accounts and funded Merchant Cash Advances
- Get to work in your current community, with your current customers offering new innovative products and services that drive more revenue and also save Merchants up to 95% of their costs
- Have no managers or sales leaders dictating your schedule or asking for production! You put in the time you feel will make you most successful.
- Manage the relationships you create and continue to get paid as long as those merchants continue to process with Swype Fast

Work When You Want- You Set Your Schedule!

Earn Great Pay- Lifetime Residuals and Activation Bonuses!

Contact us for more information on commission/compensation structures and other details.
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