Complete 55 Gal Fish tank setup (West Seattle)

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55 gallon complete setup $300 (cash only, this is a hell of a deal)

I'm moving to New Zealand and there is no way I can take this with me so I am offering it for sale at far below what I paid for it. This is a really killer deal that includes EVERYTHING you need. The catch is buyer must take the whole set up including fish and plants.

• 55 gallon glass aquarium. Purchased it new.
• Petco metal stand
• 48” Aquarium Co-op light with automatic built in sunset/sunrise feature as part of the built in timer.
• 300 watt Aquarium heater
• Aqua Undergravel Filteration Bottom Circular Bar. Undergravel filtration with power head.
• Custom made planting ornament. Made it to work as a planter area in a aquatic tank or in a paludarium tank above/at the water line as a land mass.
• Plants: Many Including Java ferns and a sword. All you see in the picture as well as the wood and stones you see in the tank and all the other paraphernalia such as algae scrapper, fish net, water treatment chemicals, a very nice gun style hand pump syphon and an external electronic thermometer.

ALSO includes 4L Aquarium CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide Reactor Kit with Regulator and Needle Valve (4L with Solenoid) Paid $150 for this and loved it. Tank is big and you could run more than 1 fish tank off it. Lasts for months feeding just this aquarium. Made growing plants fast so easy! Also includes JARDLI Glass Nano CO2 Drop Checker with Solution for Planted Aquarium System - CO2 Concentration Monitor Set (Nano Drop Checker with Solution)

Fish are FREE and included with the tank. I many end up rehoming some, but at the time of posting I have:
• About a couple dozen Plattys
• 6 or so Cardnial tetras
• Many Neocardia shrimp

This is a complete setup with everything you need! I can drain it and have it ready to go and I can help load it into your vehicle, however you will need to provide one other strong person to assist me. I am confident you wont find a better deal for a complete fish tank.

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