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The SECRET to attracting women by un-locking your Masculinity (Seattle and North America)

How would you like to be supremely confident in your own masculinity so women notice you and desire to approach you and feel comfortable doing it. This is a reality for the elite men out there and it’s learnable

The reality for the most successful guys out there is that, with women they never or rarely approach a woman and that women approach them. These Elite men know that feeling the desire to cold approach a woman is feminine and needy and never do it.

What if I told you that women do not know that they prefer to approach men and that they feel comfortable and safe doing so, how easy would it be for your own dating and love life is this became a reality for you.
No more fear of;
Being alone
Making a fool of your self
Running out of things to say
Never finding your soul mate.

Most guys out there who are not successful with women just believe that they need to learn a “few lines” get more “game “to be successful with women. This is all the fault of pick-up artists who are living a life of denial that will result in them never experiencing true love and that pick up and game is a feminine trait that deep down a woman knows.

Although it may lead to a few dates with women it will lead to eventual rejection for all these guys. That is why they can not stop just like any addiction they will never be truly satisfied fulfilled, because they are always on some level looking for validation truly masculinity dose not need validation it is fearless and has no problem letting a woman know he wants her and desires her.

Do you believe that a man should approach a woman and if so, who told you? And why did you believe it.

this is one example from my life on how I attract women ,I got a 23-year, green eyed super hot blond ex gymnast to seduce me over a $4 breakfast with out me chasing her while other men were chasing her and getting nowhere and with in 3 weeks this hot intelligent woman fell in love with me, and I knew what I was doing every step of the way pushing all her emotional hot spots where by she could not resist me, and I do this with in seconds of me being in a woman orbit so she wants me to NOTICE HER!! And start to Chase ME!!!!

I can honestly tell you at 50 years old I am still attracting young women that approach me and that I have only asked out a couple of women in my life and all of them approached me 1st the rest asked me out directly or via friends.

Men are surrounded by negative messages via TV, Songs Movies and all their stupid friends and pick up artist…ect who are giving you all the wrong advice on what it means to be a man and this is why you are stuck in a rut alone and frustrated and lets be honest, failing with women.

Let me tell you my story. At 10 years old I got asked out by my 1st girlfriend, who later dumped me, because I was too shy to talk to her.

At 14 years old I got one of the hottest girls in my school interested in me and again got rejected because I was too shy to talk to her.

So, I thought I was a failure and then….. I had a small epiphany that I was a not a failure and that I had been doing the hard part, getting girls to ask me out approach me.

With a little tweak, by the time I was 16 years old I had, had 10 different girlfriends and all of them, as women are designed to do asked me out.
But I did not want to date lots of women I wanted to be the man I felt comfortable with and find the woman that wanted me for me because I was completely comfortable in my masculinity and made no excuses for it.

At 18 I a got a “signal” from a hot woman to approach (do not worry I teach these clear signals that women give) and within 2 hours I was making out with her and dated this amazing woman for over 3 years.
After that, I had stream of women calling on me and asking me out, no cheesy pick up lines, approaching women “cold” (day game, look it up) just natural masculinity that a woman knows in her DNA that she MUST HAVE she is hard wired to chase a man acting masculine, it excites her consumes her and makes her feel safe and comfortable doing it. And yet nobody has taught you this! Why?

A woman on average has 17 or so more signal receptors in her brain which she emotionally responds to, a man in his TRUE masculine will get her attention quickly and then giving a few none verbal signals get her to respond to him just like emotional cat nip.

A man who is in “pursuit mode” and has all the approach anxiety and the shitty mind set that goes with it, gives the wrong vibration that is picked up by the woman’s emotional receptors which makes her feel uncomfortable and, lets be honest makes you feel uncomfortable too,(not knowing what to do, say or think) and it should because you are acting feminine and not masculine. Masculinity is fearless it takes action, and seeing a woman as the fulfillment of your life’s quest is not masculine, A Man must always see himself as the prize not the woman.
So, what is my secret how do I get the attention from women I want, how do I make women feel feminine and sexy, command respect from other men? And have complete confidence in the attraction switch which emanates to women, which gets their attention, and causes her to go into pursuit mode.

Think about it this way, a male lion, he gets the lionesses to hunt for him and when they are ready for sex they hit on him, he just has to look magnificent and project his status and everything comes to him. It is the same for the Alpha Male gorilla they get what they want, when they want no questions asked. They do not beg, having the wrong mind set around a woman gets her to see you as a beggar, we have all had that feeling in our stomachs when a beggar approaches us, well I am sorry to say when you are not acting masculine, then a woman sees you as a beggar, is this how you want a woman to see you? Or do you want her to see you as a lion?

All of my students who come to me for help, are making the same fundamental mistakes with women, that gets them;
Friend Zoned
Pass over for another man

This causes men to act out of their natural masculine by pursing a woman which gets her to pull away more, which causes him frustration, doubt, worry, fear and loss of confidence. It is a vicious cycle.
He basically has a deep seated sub conscious fear of women that needs eliminating which I know how to do.

Men who understand women do very little, in fact in my case, women approach me, as I know how to get them to do I have already said.

I understand what a woman’s emotional triggers are, what she responds to and how to get her to chase, call, pursue, exactly what a woman is designed to do.

Unfortunately, most men are being brain washed by Hollywood, TV and songs, on what to say to a woman and what a woman wants in a man, when the reality is the complete opposite. Of what this media spews out.
I have always been successful with women, once I cracked the code, I know the mindset, body language and exactly what to say to women to cause massive attraction in them for me, and I can teach you the same.
Once you understand and learn these secrets, then you will feel;

At ease
Self Sufficient

Most importantly that you HAVE exactly what a woman NEEDS.
I do not need anybody in my life, and that is what masculine men feel. But they want and desire a woman in their lives, and that is the difference, women want to be wanted and desired and not needed.

You need to be the guy that guys want to hang with, respect and be around, as this will make you attractive to women ( I hope you understand this principle). And this is totally learnable, if you have the desire.

I cracked the code at 15, I got respect from my peers, guys would want to hang with me and friend’s sisters would ask me out. This code I can teach you, so you can start attracting women into your life, quickly and effortlessly once you understand and implement these principles and life codes.

My system will show you exactly what you need to do, think and say to attract a perfect girl into your life. No more getting rejected, friend zoned and frustrated in your dating life which leads to nasty destructive habits. I can teach you the secrets of attraction which will give you the upper hand on 97% of the guys out there.
What I do
I work with Men from all areas of life- Blue Collar, White Collar, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to attract in or back in their perfect woman into their lives, to have her fall in love with him and keep her in love with him. To be fully connected to a woman, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

By showing them how to connect to their Natural Core Masculinity which has been lying dormant. Which helps them to fully understand what attracts a woman to a man, how they have been sabotaging their own success with women by negative subconscious patterns and how to eliminate for good this None-Masculine Behaviour. To fully understand a woman’s emotional needs and how this when understood is irresistible to her, which causes and maintains a high attraction in her for him.

All men of all ages and all backgrounds. who want to be fully masculine and attract a woman fully in her feminine
They want to be Mentally, spiritually and Physically Healthier
They want life to Flow, be Easier, more Enjoyable, have more Fun and Connection
They want to take Ownership of their love life and Stop Sabotaging all of the ABOVE !!!

I Reveal to men the true art of attraction. I teach secrets about women that 97% of the world’s men do NOT KNOW. And women do not know about themselves. I show men that women do not know what they emotionally respond to, why they are attracted to masculinity, and how to project this masculinity in full force to get women to chase you due to their high attraction for you.

I made it my life mission at 14 years old to eliminate shyness and fear of women for good. At 16 I had had 10 different girlfriends, ALL of which asked me out, all by understanding what the elite men who date beautiful women do to attract women. My system is tried and tested by me for the last 34 years. I have dated and continue to date women that I want to date, and I teach the same, no matter what your social background, looks or body type.

You'll learn more about yourself in a short period of time than you can do by fumbling through life hoping to change.
You'll have a complete understanding of the attraction method so you can connect the dots on how you have not succeeded women. Thus far And how to eliminate this behaviour for good.
You'll be connected to your core masculinity in a way with heightens your intuition and will give you a massive advantage over your competition. Making you naturally more attractive to women.
You'll feel more confident, self assured and more masculine and you will start accessing your masculinity in ways you never knew.

What is the neext step from here how do you take ACTION??

Well, I am offering a free 45-minute strategy session which you can book right here

I can only work with a limited number of clients, so timing is of the essence. So please take action right NOW and learn how to get that girl.

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