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NOTE: Be sure that the company you respond to is not just a tutoring-brokerage service. Certain companies have recently been overposting (some on a daily basis) claiming to be 'commended,' 'acclaimed,' or whatever word they use in order to dupe the Craigslist overpost checkers. Some are nothing more than brokerage services - companies who capture your name, and then contact a local tutor for an additional fee. Be very wary of such services; demand that your tutor send you an actual copy of their top score, and detail their teaching experience. Good luck on find an appropriate tutor that will best suit your needs.


Graduate level: GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and PRAXIS Tutoring

When most students search for a graduate test prep tutor, they unfortunately find that most tutors are:

- Woefully inexperienced at tutoring students of their ability level.

- Not thoroughly versed in both skills and strategy training

- Unable to clearly explain or demonstrate such strategies.

- Someone who is 'all theory;' they have never personally scored in the upper percentiles on their particular test.

I am a former full-time test-prep teacher and tutor for one of the major nationwide test prep companies, and a recognized GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and PRAXIS expert by my students and peers. I personally have scored in the 99th percentile on these tests. Unlike most tutors who are students earning cash on the side, or older lawyers with little knowledge of the changes to recent LSAT's, this is my eleventh year of tutoring graduate level test prep full-time. Several major colleges and universities have hired me directly as an adjunct professor to teach their students test-prep expertise.

You will find that most large test prep companies will charge up to $150-200/hour for tutoring services, and require you to purchase large tutoring packages of 5 - 15 hours or more. My rates are significantly less for an individual student, and even dramatically less for groups of 2-4 people. In addition, I don't require 'large tutoring package' purchases. In fact, I allow students to 'pay-as-they-go,' and pay via credit/debit card on the spot for their convenience.

For convenience, tutoring sessions take place at libraries, college campuses, or coffee-shops located near the student. I also offer online, internet tutoring in a virtual classroom setting for busy individuals or for those students in remote locations.

Whether you are just starting your studies, or if you are not satisfied with your current tutoring situation, take a look at my website, https://MyTestPrepAce.com to see some more information about my credentials and services.

GRE STUDENTS: GRE scores typically contribute significantly to the value of your overall aid package. If you're looking for an edge on the test, and need help with the Quantitative Comparisions section or with any portion of the Verbal test, contact me. I've designed a mini-course that highlights the typical questions asked on the Reading Comprehension portion of the exam - one of the biggest time-wasters on the GRE.

GMAT STUDENTS: I have gotten students into top business school MBA programs. If you need help with either the Verbal or with the Quantitative sections of the GMAT (including the difficult Data Sufficiency questions), give me a call. I specialize in making sense of the DS section, and in assisting with those tricky Sentence Correction questions as well.

PRAXIS STUDENTS: The math and sentence-correction portions of the test can be a bit tricky. If you need to brush up on those skills, feel free to give me a call.

LSAT STUDENTS: I specialize in both the dreaded Logic Games and Logical Reasoning Sections, and am thoroughly versed in all of the strategies from all of the major test prep companies, with many of my own. Even if you've signed up for a course with a major test-prep company, there is still time to sign up for private tutoring as well. If you find the 'free' LSAT online tutoring to be less-than-helpful, check out MyTestPrepAce.com!!!


Even if you have already signed up for a corporate test-prep class, there still is no need for you to overpay for inferior tutoring...feel free to contact me today to discuss my methodologies and rates....

Here's what some of our past students have said about us...

"Before I worked with the tutors from MyTestPrepAce.com, I tried studying with several online LSAT companies. None of their strategies were as effective or as intuitive as those taught by MyTestPrepAce.com. After working with these guys, I got into the school of my dreams. These guys really helped me increase my Logical Reasoning and Logic Games scores."

Fadi M., Newark, DE
Accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Law School

"My experience with the tutor from MyTestPrepAce.com was great. What was impressive was how simple he made his explanations! I was able to get into all of the law schools that I wanted to attend, and most of them offered me generous scholarships! If not for MyTestPrepAce.com, I probably would not have gotten the $125,000 full-ride scholarship Villanova has offered to me. MyTestPrepAce.com was undoubtedly the BEST investment I have made in my education thus far!!"

Raphael I., Chester, PA
Received a full-ride, $125,000 scholarship to Villanova Law School

"As an engineer, I am extremely strong in mathematics. However, I did need some assistance in tackling the most difficult (700 scoring level and higher) Quantitative GMAT questions that students who are admitted to Ivy-League-level MBA programs need to master. In my experience, the tutor was outstanding in his ability to break down difficult mathematical concepts into simple explanations. He was probably one of the best at doing so that I have ever seen - and I had watched numerous online videos from a variety of different test prep companies and tutors - tutors from nationally-known companies and those at little-known companies.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the tutoring services I received from MyTestPrepAce.com. I think you will be, too. I would highly recommend MyTestPrepAce.com to anyone seeking top-quality, premium GMAT instruction in a face-to-face tutoring format, a virtual tutoring format, or an in-person classroom format."

Natalia A., Philadelphia, PA
Accepted to MBA Program, Yale School of Management

"The tutor from MyTestPrepAce.com and I reviewed every possible math topic for the GRE, and he really knew his stuff. He took the time to make sure that I thoroughly understood each unit as he went over it with me, and he was particularly helpful with the difficult questions in each quantitative section. Not only that, but the tutor was also very willing to meet at a location that was convenient for me.

Because of the help I received from MyTestPrepAce.com, I was able to receive the scores I needed to have a competitive application to occupational therapy grad schools. I would whole-heartedly recommend MyTestPrepAce.com to anyone who is looking to take the GRE."

Jessica H., Ellicott City, MD

"Unlike other Praxis tutors, the tutor from MyTestPrepAce.com...taught to the actual test. Every lesson was focused on how to conquer specific Praxis-CORE problem types, and how to complete them correctly and efficiently. I increased my score by sixteen points which is way more than I needed to continue student teaching and be certified by my master's program! Thanks, MyTestPrepAce.com!!!"

Allison D., Baltimore, MD

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