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compensaci贸: $1,000+/month
tipus d'ocupaci贸: contracte

Looking for entry-level or dog walking jobs? Why not start your own small dog walking business with Rover instead? Dog walkers are on-demand nationwide! As an independent contractor and entrepreneur you'll enjoy a flexible schedule and can walk dogs full-time or part-time. You make your own schedule! Unlike freelance workers and those with temporary jobs or internships, Rover dog walkers are in charge of their businesses. You can also keep traditional daytime jobs while walking with Rover--there are tons of teachers, servers, receptionists, office assistants, office administrators, and more on Rover who just happen to have a side gig walking dogs. Rover dog walkers come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including customer service, sales, retail, the restaurant industry (including barista, bartender, server, host/hostess, and waiter/waitress), and pet care (including dog walking, pet sitting, dog grooming, and dog training). If you work from home or you're a student, recent grad, seasonal worker, contract worker, house cleaner, valet, stay at home mom, stay at home dad--or you're just looking to supplement your income--Rover could be a great fit for you. If you're a nurse, healthcare professional, vet tech, vet assistant, or in any pet care field, you could make a side income with Rover while building your professional skills. Those with babysitting, au pair, and nanny experience can transfer those loving care skills to animal care. Musicians, college students, actors, and actresses are all jobs with alternative and flexible schedules--why not walk a few dogs between sets or classes? You can walk dogs with Rover for however long you please, like you would with seasonal jobs. Dog walking is a lot like doggy daycare jobs, but you only need to spend 30 minutes with each client instead of all day. Photographers can be very successful on Rover, as sending cute photo updates is often expected by clients. Fitness trainers can also benefit by taking dogs for jogs or runs instead of the traditional walk. But of course, nothing is more important than a genuine love of dogs.

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