Potbelly piggy indoor baby (Lacey)

Time has finally come to let our rescue baby spread her wings and find a new family. She has been bottle fed since 2 days old. I'm currently in process of slowly weaning her off milk but she is t completely weaned yet. She's the size of a large guinea pig she uses the litter box for most part but still has accidents occasionally so you would have to keep on that but she is almost completly trained...haven't put harness on her yet she just now is feeling comfortable around us and will cuddle with us all night In our bed. She's loves dogs and cats.never been bit by her she plays but never actually bites to hurt. She is going to be an amazing addition to a family she will be the size of a large basset hound or small lab her mom is a micro but she is still a pig and built like a pig haha her mama is 40 lbs give or tak she has been inside our home living the indoor life for 4 weeks now and I don't see her being an outdoor only pig. Kids make her nervous but if introduced slow and calm she will do amazing she has a great personality and is cute as heck asking for 150$ rehoming fee which is 3x left then what I paid for her mom so I think it's a fair rehoming fee good home is my main concern were attached to her and I would keep her if I didn't live in a duplex

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