Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Boudoir on the Beach! (Grays Harbor County Beach)

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Boudoir on the Beach! 1 thumbnailUnleash Your Inner Goddess with Boudoir on the Beach! 2 thumbnailUnleash Your Inner Goddess with Boudoir on the Beach! 3 thumbnail
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Sparkle, shine, and make unforgettable memories this summer...

Hey Beautiful Friends!

You know that moment when you look in the mirror and wish you could see the radiant, confident woman you know is inside?

You've probably felt this way before. Rushed preparations in the morning, a hasty glance in the mirror, wishing you had the time to truly embrace your beauty and shine.

I felt the same way, too; I was always in a rush, never taking the time to appreciate the unique beauty within me. Then, I discovered the transformative power of photography.

I attended my first Boudoir session one summer, and it was utterly life-changing. On a beautiful, secluded beach, as the sun began to dip below the horizon, I stepped in front of the camera. It wasn’t just about the stunning photos that were captured; it was the uplifting, empowering experience. I saw myself in a completely different light, and I fell in love with the woman in the photos.

And now, I want to share this experience with you:

Boudoir on the Beach Mini Sessions by Through The Lens
Boudoir on the Beach is more than just a photoshoot. It's an opportunity to boost your confidence and have an exhilarating experience.

When: Thursday, July 18th, 2024 @ 5:30 pm

Where: Beach TBD, but will be in Grays Harbor County - Grayland/Westport/Ocean Shores are all areas I'm looking into at this time.

What: Each participant will have 20 minutes of camera time and the option to be in group shots with other beautiful women.

What You Get: 8 fully edited digital images, 2 5x7 Art Prints of your favorite images, and an online gallery to view & order from.

And remember, it doesn't have to be boudoir! You can choose to do beauty portraits, headshots, or whatever else that suits your fancy!

With the purchase price of $999 (or three payments of $362.64, tax included), you're investing in a game-changing experience. An experience that comes with a beautiful sunset, new friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime.

So why wait? Unleash your inner goddess and secure your spot now! https://throughthelensboudoir.com/boudoir-on-the-beach

Only 10 spots are available. Don't miss your chance to shine!

Looking forward to seeing you on the beach!


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