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model name / number: 1963 1964
Here is a pair of the unique issue Washington State 1963 license plates with the “WASH.” designation. These plates were issued in 1963 and 1964 (In 1965 new plates spelled out “WASHINGTON”). The 1963 plates however were in use for many years with just added year tags.

These plates were registered on my collector car of 1964 so they have the 1964 tab on the rear plate. I removed the plates when I sold this car out of state. Only the rear plate was mounted to my car about 35 years ago and it was under an acrylic cover. Note that reproduction tabs of just about any year are available on Ebay and from other sources. These plates would be perfect on your collectible 1963-64 Mustang, Corvette or other collector car. Since the 1963 issue did not use the stick-on tabs, if you wanted to use both plates on a 1963, then the 64 tabs on the rear plate would have to be removed and some restoration done where the stickers are located (it looks to me like there are two or three year tabs stacked). Of course, if you register the collector vehicle as a single plate car as is allowed here in Washington, then the never-mounted un-tagged plate would look just great on a 1963.

How often do we see a PAIR of near-perfect collector plates? Almost never. So, if you want your collector vehicle to look just like it did in 1963-64 with front and rear plates, this matched pair is the way to go.

Regarding condition, the pictures are good and should allow you to make a decision. Here's what I see. Both plates are straight. The tagged plate has markings on the lower two mounting holes with a slight bulge from the mount screws. The 1964 tag is an original, not a reproduction and the tag has a wrinkle that runs top to bottom but only shows on very close inspection. The untagged plate looks as if it may have been mounted at one time using the top two holes but these screw holes are just barely marked. The green lettering is original and near-new condition. The smaller “WASH. 63” letters show some white within the green but this may be from the original imperfect pad printing. The background white area may be a restoration; I believe I can feel an edge on only a few of the letters/numbers as if from masking. If the background has been painted, the masking of the letters/numbers was incredible and the slightly ivory color is spot-on.

Pricing a collector plate isn't easy. If you have a pair of used but decent 1963 plates you can buy a good restoration for about $150/pair plus whatever you paid for the plates. Finding clean plates with the original dark green letters/numbers is nearly impossible and the green color, texture and finish is unique. Just finding a matched set of 1963 plates in any condition is a challenge these days. These plates will look fantastic on your classic or show 1964-64 vehicle without any further work or expenditure. Call me if you're serious.

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