Clean,responsible,positive person looking for room to rent. (Bremerton,Silverdale,Port Orchard)


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You know what I would love to see go viral? Basic human decency.😊💗
I can pay up to 500 tops, if your rent is higher than 500 and you still want me as a roommate and you need house keeping, than we can work something out for the rest of the rent. I was a professional housekeeper at one time.
My moral compass is strong which means that I will not do anything innappropreait as trade for rent.
I can pass a background check, can YOU? 😳
I'm 50 year old female and I'm not a skinny supermodel. What I am is a good person and a responsible tenant. Last I checked, this was not Plenty Of Fish dating site.😂😳

If you're a sex offender,animal abuser,or any kind of sicko, do us both a favor and pass me by.

I will live in Port Orchard,Silverdale, Bremerton. Not in the country, I need to be close to stores and bus lines.
Soonest I can move is November 1st.

I am on disability for autoimmune disease called Lupus and migraines. With what I get from disability I can pay my rent,food and other necessities, so please don't assume that I am less than a good tenant just because I am on disability. All you should be worried about, is can I pay my bills on time and get what I need to take care of myself, yes I can. I do not need anyone one to help take care of me.😊

I am independent and do not like to identify myself by what health problems I have. More like what I do with my life despite my struggles.
If I need anything extra, I am a portrait artist who draws musician's for the most part..

My art gives me purpose. It is hard and tedious work but I love it. My love of music inspires my art. I blast my music "on my wireless headphones" while I draw. I have a drawing table that pulls over my bed. All art is done in my bedroom and I clean up after I am finished, each thing has it's place. I work with pastel chalk pencils. Realism art is what I do. I will add pictures of some of the portraits I have drawn, my current room and some of my cat Misha.

Music, 80's,90's and current rock music, Grunge.I love live shows, concerts.
Last portraits I did were Kurt Cobain( Nirvana), Freddie Mercury(Queen) and Chris Cornell( Soundgarden). I will share those drawings and more here.What I am working on now: Eddie Vedder from (Pearl Jam) and my friend's son in law, who sadly committed suicide several month's ago. The drawing will be gifted to Ian's family at the suicide prevention benefit, in October. If my art can bring happiness and comfort to people than that is the stuff I live for. I have drawn people's pets as well.
I am blessed that so many people support me on this journey.
I reflect on a lot of deep thing's. I think it's important to keep evolving.
I have a 5 year old INDOOR ONLY cat name Misha.She is a rescue. Misha is fixed and flea free. All her stuff is in my room, kitty beds, litter box,water fountain,food. I keep the litter box and her stuff clean and organized. She is not to ever be let outside. She has always been indoor only, so please no leaving the doors open or letting her outside. I would be beyond devastated if anything happend to her. That is probably one of the thing's that worries me most when renting a room from someone.
She is a well behaved kitty. Finding a positive and safe place for us is important to me. She sleeps with me at night.

What I am looking for:
A safe place to rent, lock the doors when you come and go, especially at night. Don't have less than desirable people in and out. Positive minded people who have their priorities straight.
A CLEAN house. Someone who takes pride in their surroundings. You don't have to be a clean freak but please don't be a slob. No bugs, rats, mice,ants, fleas...
NO SMOKING. I have lost 3 loved one's to 2nd hand smoke. That includes dabbing(it's very toxic chemicals release in the air when it's heated up.) E cigarettes too. If you smoke outside that is fine, I guess but then people are constantly in and out at all hours and forget to shut and lock the door, which makes me uneasy considering I have a indoor only cat. I prefer non smokers.
For the record, I am not against smoking weed. I am aware of the medical benefits that different forms of THC provide. I just don't want to breath in the smoke.

NO KID'S, No offense to parents( I have a grown daughter) but last time I rented from a lady that had young kids, it was a stressful nightmare. Every day and night.Constant screaming, fit throwing, being physically destructive, no discipline. Because I have health issues and a cat, I swore never to put myself and Misha through that kind of chaos again. I had recurring nightmares for a year after we moved out, that is how bad it was.I am not exaggerating. 😳🤭

Looking for roommate's who have basic human decency. They are kind and thoughtful. They are responsible with their bills and everything else in their lives. We all have up's and down's but if your life is constant chaos, please pass me by.
No drug users, criminals or heavy drinkers. I do not need that kind of drama in my life at 50 year's old...
NO dogs, only because I have a cat. I love dogs but not willing to risk my cat's life.
Cat's are okay if they tend to get along with other cat's and if they are indoor/outdoor, they need to be flea treated with safe vet recommended flea med's. We would have to introduce them slowly. I have a problem with people who do not take good care of their fur babies. If you do have fur babies, I will spoil them with LOVE.

I defiantly need a closet in my room. I don't have a dresser for clothes.
I have everything else, so I am looking for a non furnished room. If you have shelves or a dresser in there, I may use those.
I can also care for your animal's. Waher and dryer and wireless internet is a must.

Why you would want me as a roommate?
I have never been evicted or asked to leave a place.

I'm not a partyer. No drugs or excessive drinking. I don't smoke.

I am responsible, I pay my rent on time and in full without fail.

I have my priorities strait.
I am clean and organized.

I will not be in and out all night, nor bringing strangers to your home at odd hours, or before talking to you. I only hang out with good people who are respectful. I don't have much company.

I am artistic and creative,fun to be around. Silly and love to laugh. I am kind and thoughtful of other's.

I am very social but I also enjoy just being in my bedroom doing my art or one of my other hobbies. I never get bored.

I have wireless headphones for my TV and music. I do stay up kinda late but I will be in my bed room quietly doing my thing. Drawing,watching TV, Reading. I spend a lot of time in my room.
I have no criminal record and will pass a background check. YAY ME!!! 😊

I have positive references backing up my claims of being a awesome tenant.

Looking for a long term room to rent.

I am in no way abusive or narcissistic.I am not pushy. I do not do drama or toxic environments.

I really am a good person and I treat other's how I want to be treated. I expect the same.

I have a very kind and big heart, hence the nick name Mushy. But I am not a doormat.

I lift people up and am positive,Give good advice.

I get along with most people, if they are genuinely good people, I will get along with them.

I wish you all the best luck finding a compatible roommate. It's important to like your roommate. We don't want to just tolerate each other, we should be able to enjoy living together. We all deserve to live with people who compliment our lives and bring out the best in us.

A world without art and music is just eh.

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

Progress and growth are impossible if you always do things the way you've always done things...

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