Small Block Chevy Parts (make offer)

Please don't ask me for anything that isn't listed on here. If it isn't listed then I don't have it. Most of these items appear to be in good shape and depending on things like valve play, bore, cylinder taper, etc, they may just need cleaned up but I'm selling them as usable cores assuming they will need more than just cleaned up. Thanks.

Here are the casting numbers for the small block heads that I have:

3731554, 57-62 283, 70cc chamber, 1.72/1.50 valves, only have 1 head, date code C2657-make offer

3774682, 60-64 283/327, 69cc chamber, 1.72/1.50 valves, no acc. holes, date codes F61, F121-$140/pair obo

3795896, 62-64 327 or 63-65 283, 60cc chamber, 1.72/1.50 valves, no acc. holes, date codes H223, H263, L304-$130/pair obo

3814480, 60-67 283/327 69cc chamber, 1.72/1.50, valves, no acc. holes, date codes G95, L66-$120/pair obo

3884520, 62-67 327, 60cc chamber, 1.72/1.50 valves, no acc. holes, some used by Studebaker, date codes K55, I305, G286, G266-$120/pair obo

3998991, 72-73 307/350, 75cc chamber, 1.72/1.50 valves, date code F83-$200/pair obo

3998993, off of a 350 crate motor, made in mexico, 159/64cc, 1 pair, make offer

14014416, 80-86 305, 58cc chamber, 1.84/1.50 valves, -$200/pair obo

14022601, 80-86 267/305 53cc chamber 1.72 or 1.84/1.5 valves, only have 1 head, date code G06, make offer

462624, 75-86 350/400 76cc chamber 1.94/1.50 valves, date codes B188, B248, J178, H128, H58, make offer

458642, 350-400, 75-84, 1 head, make offer

Here are the small block intake casting numbers:

3927184, 1969 350, 4bbl quadrajet, date code L 20 8-$120 obo

3731398, 1957 283, 4bbl, WCFB 4jet, used on corvette, date code H296-$100 obo

3799349, 62-64, 327, 4bbl, used on 300 hp corvette, date 2/2/1961-$150 obo

3840905, 64-65, 283, 2bbl, date code J33-$35 obo

3844457, 64-65 327, 4bbl WCFB, date code F283-$75 obo

Here are the small block casting numbers:

14088551, 86-87 305, 1 piece rear main seal, 3.75" bore, has oil pan, has crank, rods, and pistons, will need cleaned up, make offer

3970010, 69-80 350, 4.030" bore with slight ridge, has pan, crank, rods, pistons, date code K32, suffix code V1109TJA, make offer

3970010, 1969-80 350, bored 0.040 over with no ridge but due to some rust it will need bored out to 0.060, 4 bolt main with caps and crank, rods are 0.020 under, mains are 0.010 under. Date code is J104, build and suffix codes are T5Z52232 V1014TXB, make offer

471511, 79-82 267, 2 bolt mains, make offer

The crankshaft I have is a usable core that will need cleaned up and polished at the least. Casting number is:
3932442, date code C 23 6, 1969-85 305/350 large journal, make offer

If it is the weekend give me a call, leave a message if i don't answer and i'll get back to you.

Cash only.

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