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THIS IS REAL! I can get you up to 1166.00 per month in KITSAP COUNTY - like clockwork, the 1st of each month - with a one-year lease agreement (also a security deposit). C'mon folks, this is only 34 dollars short of 1200.00 per month just for one person - and with bonuses - read on to see! (Note: Pictures attached are bird feeders I put up at last residence). Please read this through so you know how I can do this and how we can work it out. Thank you.

I am an active senior, single man that walks daily and goes to the gym several days a week for exercise and health. I do not smoke, vape or inhale anything other than normal air that surrounds me - do not use illegal drugs or any non-prescribed medications, and do not have any pets. I am a very good tenant, clean, neat, tidy, very meticulous, never a late rental payment, have references - repair scads of things - and can and will fix most anything that stops working properly while I reside at your property. (Note: I am not looking for a place to repair or remodel - I am simply saying that if something breaks down while I live there - or you want something changed, fixed, or something new to replace an existing item - you pay for the parts/supplies and I will do the work and take care of it. I am the right tenant for you if you are looking for someone to keep your place up and take good care of things - and I am looking for the right landlord that wants and expects things kept that way and appreciates a tenant that takes good care of them as you would do if you were living there.

I am willing to live almost anywhere in the Puget Sound area - (am a sucker for a quieter place in the woods or country - and am working on my plans of writing a couple of books and want to get started on them - so a peaceful place would be especially great). Grew up in the country around Gig Harbor/Olalla and enjoy the woods, all wildlife - (a camera is all I shoot them with) - deer, bear, fox, birds, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, raccoon, gophers, et cetera. I would be happy to have any reasonably clean and quiet place to live whether it is city or country - would prefer a house, manufactured home or duplex over a noisy apartment complex. An 'In-Law' or other dwellings nearby landlord is fine as well, as long as it has its own kitchen with a stove and oven so I can make a meal now and then - (I do not use microwaves for anything, and won't) - enough room for my dining table set - my living room furniture - and I can put up some of my own decors. I do not have a lot - but enjoy the things I do have, which are presently in storage until I find a place to live.

I will take very good care of your home and property as if it were my own. At the age of 23, I built my own home - with my own hands (and hand help from my dad), from the ground up. I grew up working for my father in retail lumber and hardware, my hobby was cars and mechanical things, and I took electronics classes - so I was the family and friends 'go-to' repairman on anything and everything. I am a great mechanical/electronics/plumbing/carpentry handyman - I can repair washers, dryers, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, furnaces, gas fireplaces, heating, wiring, TVs, plumbing, water heaters, lawnmowers, cars, et cetera - and a whole lot more. If anything stops functioning while I am your tenant - no need to call a repairman - I AM the repairman. I'll diagnose and find the problem - and fix it. Your home and property will be watched over and cared for as if you were there, or even better, and everything will be working and maintained as it should be, and the surroundings will be kept up - because that is the way I like things, orderly, working, and well kept.

During the last seven years, I lived in three different places (Belfair - in Mason, Milton in Pierce, and East Bremerton in Kitsap). The first two rentals were situations in which the landlord was in a position of needing someone to watch over their home, property, shop full of tools, motor home, vehicles and furnishings they had to leave behind while they moved out of the area or state for jobs/personal reasons, and needed their property protected - prowlers kept away, yard work done, lawn/trees/bushes pruned, et cetera - while they lived elsewhere - and did not want to leave their homes vacant. Both places through those two landlords were large 3 bedroom homes that were well furnished (I do not need a furnished place), they took their clothing/personal items and left me to look after everything for them. Regarding that type of situation - I am also able to do that for you and still get you the $1166.00 per month in Kitsap County - if you include standard utilities - but a little bit less if standard utilities are not included. So, if the right set of circumstances are present, a situation like that can also work out well for both of us, so I would be willing to do that again as well.

This last year (2018-2019) I was living in a rental unit in East Bremerton on a regular 1-year lease agreement. By choice, I bought a lawnmower and weed eater to make sure I could care for the yard, trim bushes and take care of flower bed areas and appearance of that property, et cetera. I was the first person in the area to mow the lawn and the only one who did it consistently 2 to 3 times a week - and apparently, the only one who was able to use a weed eater as well. The owner of that property did not value his property or choose to keep it up. When getting me to sign a 1-year lease agreement in October of 2018 - nearing winter, the owner failed to mention that there was no insulation in the walls and wind blew through there like you were in an old barn - it would never reach 68 degrees even with the heat up high! Using electronic infrared tools, it was discovered there was nothing in the walls but air. This is why I feel the need to mention that I am looking for a landlord who cares about their property (and human beings) and wants a tenant that will keep things in decent working order and condition, as you would if you were living there.

One thing I completely understand you might be concerned with - but please don't stereotype me. As long as you know the rent money is legally obtained and consistently on time, and your tenant lives properly and treats your property well and takes care of things - and that I am one in a million that is different from what you (and myself) have heard or seen of people on the Section 8 program that I am on, it should not matter to you. They will mail a government check to you like clockwork on the 1st of every month - without fail. I have great references from past landlords as well as from the Housing Authority - they do not allow people with a felony on the program, nor problematic rule violating people and can verify to you that I have lived up to the expectations of being a good tenant and abiding by rental agreements/payments, utility payments, et cetera, during the last 8 years of being on this program. They are quite extensive and sent me to a government fingerprinting agency to check on my background and assure I was a person they could allow on the program. You can verify all of this, it is in my records they keep on me through-out the time I am on the program, and still being on the program after several years now speaks for itself in that I obviously have followed rules and requirements.

Again, so you have a good idea of what you have to work with - a 1-year lease agreement is required - so you know you are set for at least one year - but I would hope to renew many more 1-year leases with you as time goes on, as I would like to feel comfortable about staying at the same place for a few years and complete my books and get them published - then I can go buy my own house! They will pay up to 1166.00 in Kitsap County IF STANDARD UTILITIES ARE INCLUDED - BUT A LITTLE BIT LESS IF THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED. (NOTE: Each county has its own 'standards' chart and pays a different amount than another county, and each county raises its monthly rental payment standards each year to meet inflation - which then we can renew a lease in the new higher amount for you when the 1st year lease expires). In Pierce County - I can get you around 1000.00 per month if standard utilities are included - but less if they are not - and that goes up at the end of this December 2019. King County pays more than Kitsap or Pierce, and Mason pays less.

I hope to find a landlord that would prefer a rent amount within these limits in exchange for the guaranteed and always on-time rent payments you can count on, a person with an excellent rental record, whom you can count on to tend to and watch over everything for you, repair things should anything stop working so you do not have to pay a repairman - and keep your home and property safe, clean, working and well kept.

Once you contact me we can discuss the possibilities and work together at making things work out well for both of us. Again - I hope to find the right landlord that is looking for the right tenant! My phone number is posted here on Craigslist, so you can call (please leave a message if you get my voice mail), or send a text message to my phone number, or you can send an email through Craigslist, however you choose. (NOTE: To reply in email, you must click reply and copy/paste the code they show you - and enter that code in your sending email as that being my email address. To get my phone number, you must click reply, then click 'show phone number' and it will display my number). Let's work something out - you will find me to be the best tenant you have ever had, and the one in an extremely few that takes very good care of things and values them, as I am 'old school' and was raised that way.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider what I have to offer. Have a great day - and make mine too! Thanks again.
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