Ancona Patterned Purebred call Duck breeders available in pairs only. - $125 (Port Orchard)

All 6 pairs sold.
Thank you 🙏

REVISED AD ..6/19/24

Thank you

These are birds from last year and so they’re starting to lay eggs now.
Some of the eggs are greenish colored, and some are cream colored.
I’m currently hatching out there eggs but I have nine boys and wasn’t expecting to have that for extras.

I am a call duck breeder in my prices are my prices.
What you see is the price I am asking.

If you need single drakes, 20 each

If you would like a pair $125 a pair

All-birds are specifically Paired off for sale mentioned below.

I am selling a pair as I just realized I have nine boys 😲🙄.

Single drakes available $20ea
2023 hatch.

Single hens/Ducks $60 ea

It would be a (white base) drake with black spots, possibly called magpie color mutation and the female would be ….black and white Ancona $ 125 pair laying eggs now. REVISED

These are the colors they’re called not the breed ,all my birds are (call ducks)

(2nd set) Second pair ,black and white Drake Ancona with another black and white duck hen Ancona $125 pair REVISED

(3rd set) Third set is a blue and white Ancona drake with a blue and white Ancona hen.
$125pair REVISED

They’ve been mating, so some of the girls missing feathers on the back of her head.

I have more breeders coming sometime this month I think and it’s gonna be a bit much.
That group is what the breeder held back and is her best breeders.

I don’t need all those boys and I have one lady buying one set of boys together because she doesn’t want quacking for her small yard next to Neighbor’s.

Every year I had out ducklings, but I end up with so many of them and so many beautiful ones and I don’t want to keep them.
They sell very quickly, but I always keep some so not doing that this year.

Reducing the flock of call decks down to probably 10 or 12.

Thanks 🙏

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