Tree Branch Removal/Chipping Service $160/hour (Pierce, King, Kitsap Counties)

Should you hire a service provider?
Comparable self-feeding 6" chipper rentals start at $280 per day at local rental shops. While that may initially sound more affordable, it often isn't. As a do-it-yourselfer, you'll be responsible for the rental/pick-up, insurance, refueling, cleaning, and equipment return; not to mention all the chipping you'll have to do! Let us do it all for you. You'll be glad you did, and more likely than not, you'll spend less time and money on the project than if you'd done it yourself.

How much will it cost?
That depends...tree branch removal/chipping rates are $160/hour (2 hour, $320 minimum) for branches 6" and under. Chip, wood, and general yardwaste debris hauling is also available for an additional $50/yard (2 yard, $100 minimum). We'll gladly haul your yardwaste and chipped brush to the nearest wood recycler unless you want the mulch for garden paths, tree rings, or shrub beds.

Why hire us?
Grasscycler LLC is a family owned and operated landscape design, build, and maintenance company. We're a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor registered with the State of Washington's Department of Labor and Industries. We have more than twenty years experience with landscape design/build, and maintenance. Additional specialties include tree pruning/removals, stump grinding, elevated pressure washing/surface cleaning, and fence/wall fabrications.

How can we help?
Should you desire a more comprehensive service visit, we also offer complete tree removals (including hazard trees) as well as maintenance pruning of all trees and shrubs. Please contact us to schedule a free estimate so we may determine if you'll require more from us during our visit than just branch removal/chipping services. We will need to plan accordingly to bring out the proper equipment, otherwise.

Interested in lowering your costs?
Chipping services are most cost effective when you have everything organized and ready to go before we arrive. Ideally, branches should be laid out or 'stacked' like fallen dominoes. To do this, begin your piles or small bundles of branches far enough away from the chipping area that you'll have space for the brush piles to slightly lay down on top of each other as you move closer to the chipper. That way we can easily pick up the branches and drag them directly to the hopper of the self-feeding chipper, thereby greatly reducing our time spent on-site. Alternatively, you could also place them in a large solitary pile, with all of the larger diameter wood facing the chipping area and ready to feed directly into the machine.

Contact us today via phone, email, or text to discuss whether we may be of assistance to you and please allow up to two business days for a reply if the reason you are contacting us is not time sensitive or an emergency. Thank you in advance for this opportunity.

Ryan and Alina Singletary
Grasscycler LLC
(2zero6) 33zero-3228

Available Services:
Landscape Design/Build/Maintain
Tree Pruning, Removal, and Replacements
Stump Grinding
Wood Splitting
Pressure Washing
Fence/Retaining Wall Fabrication

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