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Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 re: Jenni Hogan (Home)

Apr 11 Lockette led Kap down the wrong road (SF) pic

Apr 11 re:what does it take (around)

Apr 11 Antarctic??? (lost at zooland) pic

Apr 11 SEATTLE VAMPIRES BEWARE! (rants and raves) pic

Apr 11 the global warming joke (seattle)

Apr 11 RE: The on murder-THE FINE PRINT, PEOPLE!!! (The Old Man) pic

Apr 11 re polar bear's

Apr 11 re :OMG I can't take this anymore (Seattle )

Apr 11 knives (moronopia) pic

Apr 11 WTF? MORE Tax and spend policies? (hippyville)

Apr 11 this is 1 reason why some white men are angry (all over)

Apr 11 Instant Checkmate (kent)


Apr 11 re:Fed troops will die in Nevada (Real world.)

27 Apr 11 Missed Connection 27 (South end)

Mon Mar 24

Mar 24 North Korea lmao (the coast)

Mar 24 Re: The female heirarchy of needs


Mar 24 Re libtards are already blaming Logging

Mar 24 liberals and Big Brother - they like it

Mar 24 Re:harry reid.. says gop could be at fault for crimea - 49 pic

51 Mar 24 Guy pulls a gun and pretend to be a cop 51 (kent)

Mar 24 Mississippi demographics: 37.4% blacks pic

Mar 24 Tymoshenko Phone Leak: Jewish World Media Control Proved pic

Mar 24 Remembering The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, 25 Years Later pic

Mar 24 re: needing info (in the closet) pic

Mar 24 Liberal Woman Marries Dog (WoW...WooF?) pic


Mar 24 re.. Looking for fun(hosting) - 29 (Fife) (here)

112 Mar 24 Romney making a THIRD run for Pres? 112 (Poor Romney) pic

Mar 24 RE: Yellow Hummer (parking garage) pic

Mar 24 A yellow hummer (Everett)

Mar 24 The Female Hierarchy Of Needs pic

Mar 24 Aborted Babies 'Burned to Heat NHS Hospitals'

Mar 24 Fury at DNA pioneer's theory: Africans are less intelligent (and they VOTE!) pic

Mar 24 University Event Teaches White People to Hate Themselves pic

Mar 24 Meteoric Rise of White Nationalism (Greece) pic

Mar 24 WoW, pic

420 Mar 24 Re: West Seattle sucks 420 (Seattle) pic

Mar 24 Hey@Just so you know in Monroe pic

Mar 24 RE your daily koch (earth) pic

Mar 24 O'Bummer (hah!) woe on economy?

37 Mar 24 Ok I have an idea 37 (seatac)

Mar 24 I found out where the Russian Mafya & Mexican Illegals are

Mar 24 you probably didn't know he had a girlfriend....

Mar 24 re: Support Planned Parenthood (roots in racism) pic

Mar 24 tom clancy must be the new nostrodamus pic

26 Mar 24 wanna see your O face 26 (rainier beach) pic

Mar 24 help out :)

Mar 24 re gun free zones

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