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Tue Apr 15

Apr 15 Sixth graders being ask

Apr 15 Global warming causes record ice build up, cold temps and deaths (Damn that warming!) pic

Apr 15 Ginger tea

Apr 15 daily koch (kokonutz) pic

Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 Honey I finally got a job offer! It's in Cleveland (Cleveland Ohio) pic

Apr 14 At midnight we will give the Witch to the Blood Moon! (Black Knight) pic

Apr 14 Martin Luther King Jr. - The Beast As Saint (MLK)

Apr 14 RE Isn't it obvious ? pic

Apr 14 Make up your mind (My front yard) pic

Apr 14 to the koch brothers NUT! (america) pic

Apr 14 People who lie should be killed - more crap AGAIN! (Seattle) pic

Apr 14 Thanks To Obama Care My Employer Has Insurance But Not Me Now (What A Joke!) pic

Apr 14 re: This Week on Bullshit Mountain (USA!USA!USA!USA!)

Apr 14 right back at ya,larry pic

Apr 14 Re: No more old man (Libtardistan) pic

26 Apr 14 Driver Who Almost Killed Me Yesterday in West Seattle 26 (Jail)

Apr 14 Tagg - The Pet Tracker pic

Apr 14 re: RE: For real?

Apr 14 CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?? Quetiapine Fumarate + Divalproex SOD ER (Olympia) pic

27 Apr 14 Enjoyed myself 27 (capital hill)

Apr 14 What's more dangerous than a black man with a gun?

Apr 14 Re Bloody Moon pic

Apr 14 Old man pic

Apr 14 The Old Man's Autobiography (From The Old Man) pic

Apr 14 Heaven or hell? (A true joke)

Apr 14 The best, most accurate video on President Obama ever made (The Old Man)

Apr 14 Liberal Flash Cards Set #2 (The Old Man) pic

Apr 14 Liberal Learning Flash Cards Pack #1 (The Old Man) pic

Sun Apr 13

Apr 13 It's not hard...Damnit... (our own CL) pic

Apr 13 Re: Trolls flagging left and right (our own CL) pic


Apr 13 My Woodchuck Hates Lois Lerner (Umpton Beech) pic

Apr 13 to the troll posting about the stand-off

Apr 13 joey marquinez 2

50 Apr 13 paging Mallory Coghlan 50 (Fife) pic

50 Apr 13 men's versues woman; ads. 50 (all)

36 Apr 13 Rant: CL Trolls Flagging Ads Left and Right 36 (Seattle)

Apr 13 RE: Why are Americans soooo FAT?

64 Apr 13 joey marquinez 64

Apr 13 Drunk again (Dipsoville) pic

Apr 13 re: car broken into at Third and Pike (Ghetto)

Apr 13 Sad fool (larry writes new history) pic

Apr 13 Religion..... If (everywhere)

Apr 13 congress,contempt (here) pic

Apr 13 dubs mother pic

Apr 13 So violated... my car was broken into in Seattle (3rd and Pine)

Apr 13 re on the other hand... pic

Apr 13 I'm OK with Bonehead Janet Napolitano releasing 2000 illegals (Dub) pic

Apr 13 when shit hits the fan in the USA (everywhere)

Apr 13 To the religious cunt on the bus who shoved my pregnant girlfriend... (Dub) pic

Apr 13 re Dubs living in the dark ages (Dub) pic

Apr 13 U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), (USA) pic

Apr 13 why so many trolls? pic

Apr 13 the ranch (america) The BLM office in LAS VEGAS NV is where the peopl (MLKCC) pic

Apr 13 on the other hand pic

Apr 13 RE Gout Sucks!!! - 52 (My Joints) pic

Apr 13 the ranch (america)

50 Apr 13 The Browning of America 50 (MLKCC) pic

Apr 13 RAVE the SUN (here)

Apr 13 re re it isn't about the rancher ( decimate the land )

32 Apr 13 it is the truth 32 (in Kent) pic

Apr 13 blah,blah,blah (idiots,brainwashed) pic

Apr 13 A reassuring lie (for nitwits) pic

Apr 13 Racist idiot (seattle) pic

Apr 13 RE: what the hell happened to Kent? -

Apr 13 It isn't about the damned Rancher (here)

Sat Apr 12

64 Apr 12 hey racist trolls 64

33 Apr 12 Despicable human scum worse than a dog 33 (Trashillary Clinton) pic

Apr 12 This shall happen once more...

Apr 12 Your Nightly Negro

Apr 12 re Relvant


Apr 12 rancher & the hooskow

Apr 12 Re:gonna revolt again? wolverines again? really? pic

26 Apr 12 Sheriff's warrant scam, amatuers.... 26 (West Seattle)

Apr 12 re "your daily nagro"

Apr 12 RE: your daily negro

Apr 12 re Rancher needs prison time

Apr 12 Brandi, SEAL TEAM's wear nylons (The Old Man)

Apr 12 Booking a room for Tyree S. Carter (The Old Man) pic

47 Apr 12 Relevant 47 (Seattle)

Apr 12 "wolverines" (kent(too)) pic

64 Apr 12 re pesky 64

Apr 12 re: For men only! Describe what "happy" is to you. pic

52 Apr 12 Gout Sucks!!! 52 (My Joints) pic

Apr 12 RE: your daily negro

20 Apr 12 I wear nylons under my jeans 20

Apr 12 RE: Connection Wanted

Apr 12 re: dead beats (everywhere)

34 Apr 12 Mr.mayor 34 (Seattle )

30 Apr 12 Wifey it's been over 30 (Seattle )

Apr 12 Re:WTF? MORE Tax and spend policies? (USSSA)

Apr 12 Gout Treatment- the voice of experience (The Old Man)

Apr 12 A bad joke (here)

Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 Re HELP NEED GOUT MEDS (Hahahaahhaahaa) pic

Apr 11 Your Daily Negro pic

Apr 11 Connection wanted (Seattle) pic

Apr 11 75% of us Americans agree with Arizona Immigration Law (Dub) pic

Apr 11 gout meds (seattle) pic

Apr 11 good ole health care (america)

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