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posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 reRE: Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked

45 Sep 15 Dishonorable Judge Timothy Bradshaw 45 (Seattle) pic

38 Sep 15 Vote Hell No on Gates / Allen Firearm Registration 38 pic

Sep 15 seattleites think the country tuned to them

Sep 15 re A living wage; to the employers HERE IS THE DEAL! (WTF$15HOW?) pic

Sep 15 Re: I need help

Sep 15 War in Ukraine pic

Sep 15 War in Ukraine 2 pic

Sep 15 Ukraine war 3 (graphic ) pic

Sep 15 Rant: Another failed Meet and Greet (Dogville)

Sep 15 re paychecks (here)

12 Sep 15 RE: Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked Again By Senate GOP 12

32 Sep 15 re: The City of Burien to ban stinky people 32 (Burien ) pic

Sep 15 Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked Again By Senate GOP

Sep 15 Jim Harbaugh gives Levi's crowd lukewarm review pic

Sep 15 limousine service (everwhere)

Sep 15 You F-ing mooks! (Jeff Square)

Sep 15 Surge is back! (Seattle)

Sep 15 No doors on toilet stalls for males: promoting Male Homosexuality? (Pacific Northweird)

Sep 15 Poll: Americans Want Out of Blue States pic

Sep 15 RE: Comments-Passive agressive troll not moving fake business here (Fakeville)

Sep 15 asian women white guy in Seattle

Sep 15 Seahawks/Chargers game (San Diego) pic

Sep 15 Asian women are like any other woman,,,this is what you need (The Old Man)

Sep 15 Strong Women Scare Weak Men pic

Sep 15 Butthurt

Sep 15 Next up on the 10 O'clock News

Sep 15 Coming up next on the 5 O'clock News

Sep 15 Pete Carroll Paid the Ref

100 Sep 15 Guess what? 100 (dumbassville) pic

100 Sep 15 Gues what else? 100 (stupidassville) pic

Sep 15 Boeing has billions in the retirement account

Sep 15 Re: Basically Men said Fuck You to Women pic

Sep 15 re: Why Men Don't Grow UP- Still? (USA!USA!USA!USA!)

38 Sep 15 Your comments speak volumes... 38 (Not coming to Seattle)

Sep 15 It is spelled "loser" not "looser" dumb fuck (Oly)

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 Hope and Change? How's it Feel?

Sep 14 Welcome pic

Sep 14 Basically Men said Fuck You to Women (Hahhahaahahahahahaha) pic

Sep 14 It is funny how the Hawks shit talkers speak up after a loss

Sep 14 RE: Bears Rally Past Niners (Seattle)

Sep 14 Shot in Detroit,....last night (8)

Sep 14 I'm hatin' it pic

Sep 14 The pen is mightier than the sword (Black Knight) pic

Sep 14 NO ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE (Everywhere) pic

Sep 14 Keyboard Warrior's

Sep 14 Lets Tell the Truth....... pic

Sep 14 White trash Stabbed Homeless Army Veteran 70 Times pic

Sep 14 Bologna Smuggler Busted.

Sep 14 Wonder where the money went?

Sep 14 Re Mangement failures in Obamacare pic

Sep 14 Initiative 594's Tank loophole (Clarkston)

Sep 14 LOL Richard Sherman not talking (USA)

Sep 14 seattle liberals are particularly wacko

Sep 14 Legion of Boom?

38 Sep 14 bird shit lost lol 1-1 38 (wisc)

Sep 14 Needy Men.................................

Sep 14 Wake up People pic

Sep 14 The Verdict: Guilty,,,,,,,,,,,,, pic

Sep 14 GAME! (la jolla) pic

Sep 14 all true about modern liberal christianity

Sep 14 Seattle Times Sports Writers/Seahawks (Rock and Roll Heaven)

Sep 14 hahahaha, fuck the seashits!! (sunny socal)

Sep 14 The poor fuckin seahawks (sd) pic

12 Sep 14 Harvin wasn't out of bounds? Fix in for the Seahawks again 12

Sep 14 OMG! What is going on? depopulation by eradicating millions

Sep 14 Greatest country in the world, my stinky (ass)

47 Sep 14 Can someone please help/loan? 47 (Seattle)

Sep 14 Negro won't help Tahmooressi because he is white (libland)

Sep 14 RE Stay classy -

Sep 14 RE Stay classy pic

Sep 14 So it looks like the liberal party

Sep 14 RE Larry's dream

Sep 14 RE Re: Hey Asswhipe (A1pha) pic

Sep 14 So Accurate its Scary! pic

Sep 14 The Parasitical Ideology of the Modern Christian Liberal pic

Sep 14 Marlboro Greens How much! (any how) (every WHERE) (What are you afraid of)

61 Sep 14 re Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated 61 (Kelso)

Sep 14 You whores were wrong in 1968... pic

Sep 14 rave-joke (gig harbor)

posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 Re: one that didn't get away (Yakima)

Sep 13 Seattle Man Panties (Yakima) pic

Sep 13 One That Didn't Get Away

Sep 13 he's gone to be with his gay hatin' biblical god

Sep 13 Wait, there's more: pic

Sep 13 Border Patrol Agent Has Run In With Armed Militia Member pic

Sep 13 Fuckin A I really need to give a liberal a ride tonight pic

Sep 13 Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated (Umpton Beech) pic

Sep 13 Aryan Brotherhood Ties pic

Sep 13 Why Are Red States So Far Behind?


Sep 13 Odds Are.... pic

Sep 13 RE Pictures of women on "Feminism" are Lies pic

Sep 13 OMG Seattle is beyond nerdy...strange

Sep 13 unbelievably PC, timid Seattle "men" (Libtardistan) pic

Sep 13 Obama voters

Sep 13 When the Brannock Device is in the (wrong hands)

Sep 13 unbelievably PC, timid Seattle "men"

Sep 13 Re: Bike Shop Owner


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