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Chandlers Bay Apartments Kent, WA (1020 Central Ave North)

mother lives,infographic (jeezuz)

well,well (The Old Child)

Infographic on how to vote- just FYI pic

whatsamatta,old man? pic

Another mother lives (Ok)

Re: Dead Libtard Drug Addict (OK)

Why I vote Liberal (It's not a Party thing)

Dead Libtard Drug Addict (OK) pic

53 594 is NOT A GUN BAN! 53

re; Since liberals believe in unicorns, fairies, and other unrealitie (here)

Found an E-card that reminded me of libertards pic

Four Blacks Open Fire on Two White PA State Reps pic

41 What a load of losers!!! 41 (4th Ave S) pic

Fish & Game Comission on Fall/Winter libertard pelts. (The Old Man) pic

Since liberals believe in unicorns, fairies, and other unrealities.... (The Old Man) pic

Some graphics for you cesspoolers to think about (The Old Man) pic

Enclosed- a pic of just what liberals CANNOT understand (The Old Man) pic

Voted today (No 594) pic

Whining about Bush, Reagan, Carter & Clinton as broke obama wrecks us (Dub) pic

Freedom is guarded by 4 boxes- ask General Gauge from England (210,000 armed pissed off citizens)

I need a liberal cocksucker to answer these 3 questions (the Old Man) pic

DISOBEDIENCE is the true foundation of democracy! (HENRY DAVID THOREAU)

The greatest crimes in the world, (under a black flag)

Latest Ebola News (Seattle)

Illiterate emails from highly trained (retards) pic

tsunami warnings

101 Good Morning Libtards! 20 more days! 101 (Usa) pic

flatters! (.) pic

50 What's up with all the tsunami warnings? 50 (Seattle)

591 I-594 your worst nightmare 591 (USA) pic


Some guntard sent me this email... (here)


Re: Re: What it boils down to, (It will be inconvenient for you?)

re: what it boils down to (here)

re: ask a girl before putting on a condom - 33 (who-re ville) pic

What it boils down to, (It will be inconvenient for you?)

What it boils down to, (It will be inconvenient for you?) pic

Dmitry Smirnov pleaded guilty, life imprisonment 2 avoid death penalit (The Old Man) pic

More lies from "Mom Demand Action"- who support I-594 pic

re: Bomb Trains (USA!USA!USA!USA!)

I can't eat or smile because of my teeth

I-594 will not prevent this blood bath (The Old Man)

I-594 is bleeding support- by 11/01/2014 it'll be a dead issue (The Old Man) pic

594: What Now? (Reality )

Nice try but wrong, Dr. Strangelove (The Old man)

You voted for Ebola pic

Latest Ebola Patient Flew Commercial Flight ... pic

re the Seattle freeze

Last chance to sell Libs (the big one is here and you are sleeping) pic

re Less than POINT (.5) 5% of all guns would be stopped by I-594 (Real world)

Re: "stuck in the past" (The Old Man)

Re: Tent City - 57 (Seattle)

53 re: hateful response about tentcity post post 53 (seattle)

How much is the Black Knight paying for libhog hides these days? (RnR Trading Post) pic

re:2nd tent city post. (reality)

Less than POINT (.5) 5% of all guns would be stopped by I-594

How and why Guns let me sleep at night

Gun controlers lie again- U sure U want 2 go there? (NRA is PAC #228) pic

Tent city (can't make it in a homeless camp?)

57 Tent City 57 (Seattle)

591 RE: Guns, Guns, Guns, Guns 591 (USA) pic

More fallout from a failed presidency (USA)

62 re;rant taxed enough already 62 (puget sound basin) pic

Black Knight! How shall we save the gentle libtards from themselves? pic

50 BEWARE First Generation Seeds 50 (Seattle)

re;gun control (YES 594)

Gun control pic

Why are wealthy people afraid of poor people? (America)

Great Diet Plan (here)

BORED, FATIGUED, DEPRESSED? (under a black flag)

The PEOPLE vs THE UNITED STATES (under a black flag)

To the A$$ who stole my gym bag in Pioneer Square (Pioneer Square)

22 From a female to a female - labia piercings 22 (Seattle) pic

READY? (Northwest)

So.................. (dumb as a sack of hammers old fart)

WHY gun owners are against registration in any form- UR THE PROBLEM! (the Old Man)

Well,of course.... (The Ignorant Old Bastard) pic

Do you trust billionaires? Do you trust they have YOUR welfare in mind

CDC vs. Criminal Justice System vs. Your Doctor pic

Worldwide, theres 25 million sex slaves- this is true (The Old Man) pic

Evidence of Washington State media lies? (The Old Man)

Thank You, Ladies and Gentlemen for doing the right thing (The Old Man)

Big rigs/diesel trucks exhaust location (The Old Man)

55 WORMS on Market street 55 (BALLARD) pic

48 There's no such thing as, 'the Seattle freeze.' 48 (Seattle, WA)

Your Daily Negro pic

Bed Bugs at the Camelot Apt (S Everett)

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