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Trump! Trump! Trump! (USA! USA! USA!) pic [xundo]

White Trash America please help (everywhere) pic [xundo]

And the dumb fuck twins think they own CL! (That being Stoogey and Dubby) pic [xundo]

Stooge Boy, an adventure in lifelong dementia............. (Blame it on genetics........) pic map [xundo]

Stoogey...THE TRUTH, LEARN IT, LIVE IT and SPEAK IT! pic [xundo]

Hey everyone, it's "National Kick A White Trash StoogeyPUSSYASS Day" (Boy oh BOY!) pic [xundo]

It's Commies vs.'s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! (Bak Bak Bak) pic [xundo]

And StoogeyPUSSYASS thinks it is intelligent? (LOL!) pic map [xundo]

What Difference Does My STOOGEYPussyAss Make? I'LL TELL YOU...... (ME SOOOOOOOO HORNY.....................) pic [xundo]

My Prayer For Stoogey. . .. . ..if he only had a BRAIN. . .. . .. pic [xundo]

StoogeyTittieBitches Publish their 2016Soution4America! (ChickenRapismAsReligion) pic [xundo]

Thank you Koch Bro's [xundo]

Kremlin Backing "Bolshevik Bernie" for President pic [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (Seattle) [xundo]

Utopian Air Offers Free & Happy Relocation Flights to US LeftistGroups (Commie Invasion Await US LeftistRookie Haters & Trainees) pic [xundo]

Gay Black Shoots two Whites or White Cop Shoots a Black, What Diff? (Predictable Horseshit from Gov Media) pic [xundo]

Bad Days in Roanoike (Seattle) pic [xundo]

Basement dwelling, internet tough guys are "regular folk" Dub? (Since WHEN?) pic [xundo]

And the dumb fuck twins think they own CL! (That being Stoogey and Dubby) pic [xundo]

republicans Always Cheat map [xundo]

Are we following clowns ? pic [xundo]

Trump-Trump pic map [xundo]

New Occupy Song circling around the camps (Dub) pic [xundo]

Federal tax dollars used to promote Trayvon protests! Why? Racism? (Dub) pic [xundo]

He throws like a girl and sings like Rosie O'Donnell (Dub) pic [xundo]

Constantines 'sanctuary' ordinance makes low wages, high gang crimes (lawnmowing man) pic [xundo]

Local governments cut hours to avoid obamacare mandate (Dub) pic [xundo]

Obama's Immigration "Legacy:" Lower Wages, Less Security for Americans (Ken Blackwell) pic [xundo]


Feminists arise? What about your own bigotry and privilege? (You a HATER!) pic [xundo]