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RE: GUNS and the "men" that carry... (Libtardistan) pic [xundo]

RE: nra pic [xundo]

RE: GUNS and the "men" that carry... pic [xundo]

RE What is a Cuckservative? [xundo]

Whodda thunk??? pic [xundo]

RE: Someone needs to Google NRA ("Potato") pic [xundo]

all the stay at home wussy men in Seattle [xundo]

Hunt down deadbeat dads [xundo]

Someone needs to Google NRA [xundo]

Z=lister Racist unemployed by choice I bet pic [xundo]

Middle Finger (On the road) pic [xundo]

RE How do we define domestic terrorism? pic [xundo]

**STOLEN** HORSE TRAILER PUGET RD (Puget rd ne) pic [xundo]

Guns help weak men feel strong! (loserville) [xundo]

Tailgaters pic [xundo]

GUNS and the "men" that carry... (The real world) [xundo]

GUNS and the "men" that carry. (All over) [xundo]

The Seattle freeze. The truth. (Seattle) [xundo]

Do you REALLY hate Seattle and its people? (Seattle) [xundo]

Trashillary exposed (Crematorium) pic [xundo]

(21)Looking for you.. My Dream babe! (MillCreek, Bothell WA) pic [xundo]

Ex-Congressman Allen West Explodes (Death to muslim Pigs) [xundo]

RE: NRA not for profit? (Think Again) pic [xundo]

relocaters: help change Seattle! [xundo]

relocated to Seattle? [xundo]

IS BEING A FEMALE JUNKIE a good enough excuse??? (East Bremerton) pic [xundo]

Yes Bill Freberg (WA STATE) [xundo]

'Dumbest Guy in the Room' Dubby does not know SHIT about... (ANYTHING!) pic [xundo]

19% cut in Social Sec