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posted sat sep 20

Sep 20 we're just two lost souls... (seattle)

3413 Sep 20 Hotter on the Block 3413 pic

13 Sep 20 Oh Knee grow is time I take for my Woman 13 (Hellen Naw Knee grr) pic

Sep 20 for you (the old man) pic

34 Sep 20 The Fool 34 pic

34 Sep 20 The One & Only Mr. 34 (East Port Orhcard) pic

34 Sep 20 The One & Only Mr. 34 (East Port Orhcrad) pic

34 Sep 20 The One & Only Mr. 34 (East Port Orchard)

32 Sep 20 Bipolar with the gift of P.T.S.D. 32 (Universe)

posted fri sep 19

Sep 19 awh why flag? ;) (Tenino Olympia)

Sep 19 Why are woman so stupid? (Seattle) pic

Sep 19 Women: are the really human? pic

Sep 19 Watched a great offensive practice today for the Seahawks. (VMAC) pic

Sep 19 I want to strangle you (Dodge Ram 3500)

Sep 19 Re Zlister list maker unemployed by choice I bet

Sep 19 Danger zone and what are you going to do about it? (The Old Man) pic

Sep 19 Q: why does life suck, and who really is God? (The Old Man) pic

Sep 19 A failure of both emotions and logic (The Old Man)

Sep 19 NO ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE (Everywhere) pic

28 Sep 19 Nowadays...kindness is weakness 28 (Tacoma)

Sep 19 The REAL Old Man puts down his cane and types,,,, (The REAL Old man) pic

Sep 19 BBC: Murder 'comes naturally' to chimpanzees pic

Sep 19 Is the struggle that real? (Seatac) pic

100 Sep 19 tricky old men 100 (bellevue)

26 Sep 19 my wife's friend 26 (seattle)

Sep 19 Tea Party Is Causing Big Business to Back Democrats

Sep 19 Sundays game pic

Sep 19 Tricky Old Man pic

Sep 19 Damien at Aamco (Olympia) pic

Sep 19 Hating men helps weak women feel strong (channon christian) pic

Sep 19 Stop Blaming Men because you are UNMARRYABLE!!! (amanda kijera) pic

Sep 19 Charged With Hate Crime, Illegal Machine Guns pic

100 Sep 19 Washington d c 100 (bellevue)

Sep 19 Racist? Woman, are you living in the Stone Age? (amanda kijera) pic

Sep 19 sanctimonious old fart pic

Sep 19 The bike shop loves YOU!!! (Seattle bicycle wonderland)

Sep 19 SoCal people FUCK OFF!! (Seattle)

Sep 19 re: the choice is yours (here) pic

47 Sep 19 Whatever happened to the office flirtation/romance? 47 (at work)

Sep 19 ABC News - Boy's Death Highlights Danger of Border Crossings (colon) pic

51 Sep 19 Street Cleaner 51 (Silver Lake)

Sep 19 re; to the old man (here) pic

Sep 19 It's Totally Your Choice ! It's That Simple...

3336 Sep 19 Looking for a bi girl 3336 (Des moines)

Sep 19 Your Daily Negro pic

26 Sep 19 Lost dog!!!!! 26 (near canyon) pic

101 Sep 19 the land of no Job. 101 (sultan)

Sep 19 To the Old Man (Here)

Sep 19 Asshole metro bus drivers !! (Seattle)

Sep 19 west seattle so pretentious now

66 Sep 19 Western Union Sucks 66 (Seattle)

Sep 19 So, the old asshole mumbles more bullshit. (here)

Sep 19 Our Schools Teach What? pic

32 Sep 19 you guys and your set ups 32 (ponders)

1 Sep 19 RAVE: HOLY CRAP!! 1 (fox news)

Sep 19 Khmer Bitches

Sep 19 What the bible say's about scoffers (The Old Man)

Sep 19 What the Police and Sheriff's say about I-594/I591 (The Real Old Man) pic

Sep 19 small town Seattle

Sep 19 The REAL Old Man says,,,,,Thank You! (The REAL Old Man) pic

Sep 19 I hate to say it but..... (Courtesy of : An Old Soldier) pic

Sep 19 Negro Culture at it's Best

Sep 19 RE:RE:Trailer Bandit Everett (Everett)

Sep 19 Better Than A Sex Fantasy #1 (Olympia)

Sep 19 Racist? Woman what, are you living in the Stone Age? (amanda kijera) pic

53 Sep 19 Fantasy Bucket List Sept 15th Male for Gay,Bi or Str8 Male 53 (Lakewood)

45 Sep 19 Dishonorable Judge Timothy Bradshaw 45 (Seattle) pic

Sep 19 You can lead a horse to water....

50 Sep 19 Rocky Mountain Thunder coming to quiet Century Field 50 (Liberal Central) pic

Sep 19 Why buy Iphone to post on CL (Seattle) pic

20 Sep 19 INFORMANT (snitch) Gay for Pay 20 (Bremerton) pic

Sep 19 "ther need to grasp the healing power of god" (here)

Sep 19 Roger Goodell will finally face the music this afternoon

Sep 19 Old man says the same thing over and over... (here) pic

Sep 19 Re;Remember (The Old Man)

Sep 19 re: Re: Heroin - 25 (bremerton) pic

1200 Sep 19 ABC News - Boy's Death Highlights Danger of Border Crossings 1200 pic

Sep 19 RE:Trailer Bandit Everett I have Update Just For You (Everett) pic

Sep 19 re: Paycheck Fairness Act Whiner (USA!USA!USA!USA!)

43 Sep 19 49er Fan suing Seahawks WTF? 43

Sep 19 Remember (The Old Man) pic

Sep 19 Yes. I'm awful for making sure I don't mess it up again

25 Sep 19 Help me find and update cheap gas prices-------------------- 25 (Seattle)

Sep 19 re; why does the woman i love have to be insane - 39 (wilkeson)

Sep 19 KKK, why I have very reluctantly considered joining =( (The Old Man) pic

Sep 19 re... (there)

Sep 19 The darker side of Atheism

Sep 19 Hear Yee Hear Yee, The Black Knight will pay in Gold for Libhog Hides (Hides will be Bought) pic

posted thu sep 18

Sep 18 Universal hot/crazy matrix- for men (The Old Man)

Sep 18 I call your "Guntards" and raise you.... (The Old Man) pic

Sep 18 Toothless Hicks Agree...

Sep 18 rush limbaugh had a story today about (america)

25 Sep 18 Re: Heroin 25 (bremerton) pic

Sep 18 Why is Hope Solo still playing soccer? (East Wenwtchee)

100 Sep 18 hey Washington dc 100 (belleve)

200 Sep 18 For Sale Hand Carved Horses 200 (south everett) pic

Sep 18 How much is the Black Knight paying for libhog hides these days? (RnR Trading Post) pic

100 Sep 18 attention ! all freemen 100 (bellevue)

Sep 18 Damien (Olympia)

Sep 18 Trailer Bandit Everett I have Update Just For You (Everett) pic

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